Joomla Web Page Design

Joomla is a powerful, flexible, expandable content management system. Joomla-based web sites combine powerful functionality (including registration and login, full search, integrated eCommerce shopping cart, and the ability to limit access to specific registered user levels) with ease of use. You can easily update and modify your content without impacting the design or layout because all design elements are CSS-based.


Burk Design Group

You're looking at this site right now! Everything is controled with custom CSS, and the Joomla Templates are custom built. The typography uses two Google Web Fonts: Ruslan Display and Cherry Cream Soda. When planning the site redesign, I redesigned my logo using Cherry Cream Soda to create an even tighter integration between the brand and the navigation and typography on the site. 


The Real Astrology

This is an example of a site with several hundred pages and extensive (and frequently updated) content. All design is CSS-based, and the templates were created using Artisteer. The site uses seven different templates, each one color-coded to aid in navigation and organization. This site features social and community integration, and an online store.


Anger Mastery: Get Angry, Get Happy

This is a very simple Joomla site, using a single Artisteer template. Even though there are less than 20 pages in the site, the power of Joomla allows for rapid growth and expansion in the future.